Urban Sky + Landscapes


Natalie Cushman, Founder and Designer

“My passion is to integrate and establish harmony between natural and human made constructs. I strongly support the idea that urbanization can be better for the environment than urban sprawl if managed properly, and that incorporating green spaces is critical to that equation”.


URBAN SKY + LANDSCAPES is a Brooklyn based, full service landscape, design and build firm. Our projects include public and residential yards, rooftops, terraces, building entrances, courtyards, and more. What makes us unique is that we are a small, personable, hands-on company. Each project is customized to your individual needs and desires. We offer professional expertise to ensure the creation of a beautiful, sustainable, and fulfilling garden space.

We provide consultation and design services, complete installations, and follow up visits. Depending on the project and client, we work independently with our own contractors, or we work in collaboration with architects, contractors, developers, interior designers, etc.

Urban Sky + Landscapes was founded in 2013 by NATALIE CUSHMAN. With a degree in Landscape Architecture, and nearly two decades of experience designing, building, and maintaining gardens in and around NYC, Natalie is an expert at assessing and working with the challenges that are inherent in urban landscaping. As a designer, Natalie has a strong sense of space and aesthetics, and her vision always includes considerations of functionality and location. As a project manager she is well versed at establishing good communication and successful relationships with experts in the field and clients alike. Her sensitivity to details, ensures a thorough execution of a project, and leaves clients feeling secure and well served.